17x17MM illuminated push button switch

17x17MM illuminated push button switch

1. Long stroke, crisp and clear feel,
2. Key cap size: 12*12MM, 15*15MM, 17*17MM,
3. Function: reset optional,
4. Can be used as single-color LED lights: red, green, blue, yellow, orange, white; double-color: red-green, red-blue, green-blue, red-white, green-white; RGB (red-green-blue) three-color.
5. Three printing modes:
Silk-print directly on the keys (fonts are easily erased after long use);
Film printing is assembled between the transparent cover and the white base (the fonts will never fade, and the brightness is uniform and translucent);
Oil sprayed laser engraved characters are translucent,
6. Top cover color: transparent, red, green, blue, yellow, various colors, oil spray laser engraving, etc.

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Current voltage: 100MA 12VDC

Operating strength: 250±100gf

Switch stroke: 4.5±0.2mm

Switch life: 50000 Cycles

Working temperature: -20℃~+70℃